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Utoquai 55
CH-8008 Zürich

+41 43 443 72 72

Public Equity

Since Abegg & Co’s establishment in 1885, the family has invested primarily in Swiss companies. Today, the public strategy has a long-term focus with a strategic (> 3% ownership) or passive approach with the target of creating a well-balanced dividend-yielding portfolio. Although considered the liquid part of our strategy, we have a relatively static portfolio of strategic positions, which are actively monitored and managed for optimization.

Our Standards

Our commitment to transparency ensures that our equity selection process maintains the highest standard of environmental, social, and corporate governance. Through Credit Suisse, and in partnership with MSCI, we conduct a thorough portfolio sustainability check to maintain full compliance with MSCI investment standards.

Our portfolio is built upon two distinct pillars within the Swiss equities universe:

Core strategy

Developing a well-rounded portfolio with high dividend-yielding stocks that align with our values in environmental, social and governance performance.

Growth strategy

As part of our exposure and risk monitoring, we continually rebalance our portfolio according to strict asset allocation guidelines. In addition to our core strategy, we allocate a smaller percentage to a growth strategy while investing in emerging public Swiss companies that contribute to social responsibility and further the wellbeing of society.