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Utoquai 55
CH-8008 Zürich

+41 43 443 72 72

Operating Companies

Our operating companies are an extension of the Abegg & Co. legacy, maintaining an equally strong sense of purpose that’s maximised for positive impact.

Founded in 2017, Cosa Mirai Ltd is an operating company located in Baar, Switzerland. Its focus lies in structuring and expanding the commercial and residential real estate holdings of the family within Switzerland. Cosa Mirai’s core asset is a lakeside commercial building located at Utoquai 55, in Zurich’s Seefeld district.

Cosa is a boutique travel studio that designs bespoke trips and unique events around the world. With over 40 years of expertise in delivering one-of-a-kind experiences, Cosa’s team complements their knowledge with local specialists to offer vibrant, authentic travel that awakens your senses and broadens your horizons.

Cosa creates experiences worth remembering with:

Expert travel designers

Travel is their passion and planning is their specialty. From exclusive tours with personalized itineraries to premium hotels and private guides, Cosa’s experts are full of ideas for any upcoming destination. With hands-on experience that’s crucial for recognizing what works and what makes a positive difference, their travel designers are able to do what they do best: inspire people with a passion for travel while delivering exemplary service with thorough attention to detail. They are Swiss, after all.

Booking specialists

Wherever you want to go, and however you want to travel, Cosa’s booking specialists are on hand to manage everything from your first night to your final goodbye. Whether you’re looking for a private jet, a multi-leg train journey, or simply getting away from it all, they’ll organize it for you while managing your entire travel experience with reliable service that saves you time and money, leaving you to relax and travel in peace.

Event creators

Whether it’s an unforgettable birthday trip for your family or a corporate event designed to impress, Cosa’s skilled event curators will organize something that’s guaranteed to be exclusive, purposeful, and as sustainable as possible. It’s as easy as telling them what you want — they’ll handle the rest.

Swiss experts

Switzerland is a small country that offers countless possibilities, and a local expert is the perfect person to help you unpack it all no matter what time of the year you’re traveling. Cosa takes the best bits and makes them even better, offering you a spectacularly immersive experience of Switzerland — along with the awe-inspiring views that will persuade you to return again and again.

3D AG has specialized in micro- and nanotechnology since 1989. Based in Zug, Switzerland, the company unites a future-focused perspective with a creative, cross-disciplinary approach to harness the power of advanced technologies and realize innovation across industries. With tailored solutions for every market, 3D AG is building the future of safer, more secure commerce.

Developing security features for banknotes and enhancing digital and physical brand security in the fight against counterfeiting, alongside nanoengineering and processing functional surfaces, 3D AG consistently delivers precise industrial manufacturing backed by Swiss-made quality.

A trusted legacy

Founded by H.C.M. Bodmer in collaboration with specialized holographers and physicists, 3D AG manufactures high-security elements that are built to protect. To date, the company has produced over 80 banknote and passport security features and has established a trusted worldwide presence.

3D AG’s legacy of research and collaboration has resulted in the industrial development and manufacturing of progressive technology products, including solar panels, high-end display, and lenticular optics projects, that add to the company’s unparalleled product portfolio.

A progressive future

Innovation moves at the speed of technology. 3D AG maintains a strong network across engineering sectors to specialize in upscaling and industrialization, and serves as an expert partner in processing micro and nanostructures.

As an industrial manufacturer that is committed to sustainability, 3D AG aligns technological advancement with forward-thinking processes to develop creative solutions for a sustainable future across every aspect of the organization.

3D AG’s Core Sectors:

Brands & Security

Banknote security features, holographic security labels, unique serialization, blockchain SaaS solutions, supply chain track & trace, RFID / NFC, injection moulding, and anti-counterfeiting consulting.

Micro & Nano

Structure origination, step & repeat UV imprinting, laser cutting and welding, electroforming, and industrial replication.