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Utoquai 55
CH-8008 Zürich

+41 43 443 72 72

Our History

From industrial specialisation to private equity investments, our family-driven legacy has always been rooted in driving progress within Switzerland and abroad.


The Abegg family was originally known for their leadership in local politics until they shifted their focus to silk manufacturing and trading in 1850. They chose to re-invest this wealth into expanding railways across Switzerland and funding their eventual electrification. Later, they became founders and leaders in some of the most successful Swiss companies including Credit Suisse, Nestlé, Maggi, Zurich Insurance, and Swiss Re, among many others.

In 1917, the Abegg and Bodmer families merged through marriage. The Bodmers, originally stonemasons who emigrated from Alagna to Zurich in 1543, were also active politicians in Zurich and served as investors and board members in leading Swiss companies such as Sihl, Credit Suisse, Zurich Insurance, Maggi, and Huber & Suhner Ltd. 1984 saw the Bodmer – Abegg family merge with the Müller family, which was renowned for founding UHAG Uebersee-Handel AG (COSA Commerce Outremer SA). This venture established trade between Switzerland and Japan, representing leading Swiss companies across Asia as well as North and South America. The family sold the trading company in 1990 while retaining ownership of the UHAG building, which operates COSA Travel Ltd and the Honorary Consulate General of Japan in Zurich.


Leveraging their centuries of knowledge and experience, the family founded Abegg & Co in 1885 as a collective company that merged their various activities and significant stakes in large companies within Switzerland. It evolved into a limited liability company in 1955 and, since then, has become the family office of Abegg & Co Ltd.

Today, the heart of the family office is in asset and wealth management and has become a recognized name in private equity investments. From our industrious beginnings in 1850 to our modern single family office, one thing has remained true: our dedication to creating enduring value that will last for generations to come.